About Breathwork


The Basics

Breathwork can be performed in a variety of ways.  One of these methods is a technique that utilizes "circular breathing" where you are only breathing through your mouth.  Some may call it Holotropic Breathwork, or Shamanic Breathwork, but because of the modernization of techniques and styles, it really is a style within itself. This method of Breathwork is very relaxing, can be used as a form of meditation, helps release stress and tension being held in the body and can be extremely therapeutic.  Emotional  pains may surface in this process and healing can often begin to take place.  Often times this healing is the impetus for helping people to move forward in their lives, resulting in real transformation. Breathwork can be used in a group setting, with individuals and with couples. It is recommended that participants don't have any major health risks (e.g. major heart issues or seizures) that could be harmful during this work.

Origin of Breathwork

Breathwork has been around for thousands of years, in various forms. Recently, it has become more modernized, but the technique itself is derived from Pranayama breathing. Pranayama is the practice of controlling breath, which is our vital life source, or Prana. Over time people have developed different styles and techniques to fit their practice and teach others, and have come up with different names for it.