Breathwork Can Be Powerful


Unexpected Results of Breathwork

For many, doing Breathwork can have incredibly profound impacts on emotional well-being. Some people have had huge breakthroughs dealing with past relationships, family issues, traumatic events or critical life changes, as a result of this practice, including myself. However, breaking through that can be difficult while in the process of doing Breathwork. People can get very emotional and uncomfortable during a session, and may need additional support to keep them feeling safe and engaged in the work. For that reason I have partnered with a dear friend and colleague that has the the experience, and credentials to work with people that may be struggling.

About Ginger

Ginger Adam Little, MS, LMFT, American Psychiatric Association Diplomate, and Clinical Director of Lighthouse Therapy, Trauma & Training Center, received Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from UCLA, plus a Master of Science Degree from California Lutheran University, in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her early work included a career as a concert pianist and piano instructor for high level performing students. Ginger has worked with individuals to overcome performance anxiety, and also offers concierge services to high-profile individuals.

Ginger has received certifications and recognition in a wide variety of Psychotherapy and other related fields to hone her expertise and adapt varying strategies and approaches to her therapy. She excels in the following modalities of treatment: Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Trauma Resolution Therapy, Marital Relationship Counseling, Body-Mind Therapy, Sexual Addiction and Energy Clearing.

Ginger has been designated an expert in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by the State of California Superior Court, where she testified on behalf of her clients, as well as providing support to them through their legal processes. She also sponsors "Experiential Weekends" as a Transformational Facilitator for entrepreneurs and high-level executives. These workshops are known for the breakthroughs that individuals have while facing life's conflicts and ambiguities, and dealing with motivation and peak performance goals.

Having Ginger in the room provides people with the comfort and knowledge that they are safe to explore any life issues that they are being challenged with. We are truly blessed to have her present at every session, knowing that we have an opportunity to heal, experience relief and transform from this powerful technique!